4/24, 2018 World Expo of Beer Commercial Competition Winners.

Written By: sent to Michigan Beer Guide from Jim Brown, Competition Director.
Posted: 4/24/2018

2018 World Expo of Beer Commercial Competition

Frankenmuth, Michigan

April 21, 2018

832 Total Entries



-Bell's 2015 Third Coast Old Ale for Best of Show! 
-1'st Runner Up Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery's Live Trans Mission IPA with lactose (read about them in this upcoming issue of Michigan Beer Guide)                                              -2'nd Runner Up Arbor's Faircy's Dry Stout


Category 1-Standard American Beer-39 Entries

Gold         Captain’s Log                            Cameron’s               Canada

Silver       Gimme!                                   Rochester Mills      Auburn Hills, MI

Bronze     Isle Royale                                 Midland Brewing   Midland, MI

Category 2-International Lager-28 Entries

Gold         3 Chord Kolsch                          Witch’s Hat             S. Lyon, MI

Silver       Wolverine Premium               Wolverine State    Ann Arbor, MI

Bronze     Asahi Super Dry                       Asahi                         Japan

Category 3-Czech Lager-12 Entries

Gold         Tyskie                                         Kompania                Poland

Silver       Hamm’s                                     Hamm’s                   Milwaukee, WI

Bronze     Lager of the Lakes                  Bell’s                          Comstock, MI

Category 4-Pale Malty European-14 Entries

Gold         Dortmunder                              Great Lakes             Cleveland, OH

Silver       Paulaner Original                    Paulaner                   Germany

Bronze     Drag Me to Helles                   Wolverine State    Ann Arbor, MI

Category 5-Pale Bitter European-20 Entries

Gold         Black Forest                              Furstenburg            Germany

Silver       Euchre Pils                                 Arbor                         Ypsilanti, MI

Bronze     Louis S Dortmunder                Parker’s Hilltop      Clarkson, MI


Category 6-Amber Malty European-9 Entries

Gold         Schlammah                               Wolverine State    Ann Arbor, MI

Silver       Raucher                                      Wolverine State    Ann Arbor, MI

Bronze     District 16                                   Wolverine State    Ann Arbor, MI 


Category 7-Amber Bitter European-12 Entries

Gold         Phoenix Golden Alt                 Tri City                       Bay City, MI

Silver       Alaskan Amber                        Alaskan                    Juneau, AK

Bronze     Louis S. Dortmunder              Parker’s Hilltop      Clarkson, MI

Category 8-Dark European-7 Entries

Gold         Schwarzbier                              Axle                            Ferndale, MI

Silver       Brown Hound                            Frankenmuth         Frankenmuth, MI

Bronze     Black Forest                              Cameron’s               Canada

Category 9-Strong European-5 Entries                

Gold         Siamese Goat                           Frankenmuth         Frankenmuth, MI

Silver       Toughman                                 Lumber Barons       Bay City, MI

Bronze     Ruckinator                                 Tri City                       Bay City, MI

Category 10-German Wheat-9 Entries

Gold         3 Mile Marker                          Midland                    Midland, MI

Silver       Hefe-Weiss                               Paulaner                   Germany

Bronze     Not Awarded

Category 11-British Bitter-13 Entries

Gold         The Wellington                        Third Monk             S. Lyon, MI

Silver       Strong Bitter                              Parker’s Hilltop      Clarkson, MI

Bronze     Ignescent                                   Fenton                      Fenton, MI


Category 12-Pale Commonwealth-15 Entries

Gold         Explorer                                      Alaskan                    Juneau, AK

Silver       Einstok                                        Einstok                      Iceland

Bronze     Ypsi Gold                                    Arbor                         Ypsilanti, MI

Category 13-Brown British-17 Entries

Gold         Brownhoist                                Tri City                       Bay City, MI

Silver       Edward’s Portly Brown          Witch’s Hat             S. Lyon, MI

Bronze     Brown Ale                                  Austin Brothers      Alpena, MI

Category 14-Scottish-11 Entries

Gold         Sassy Lasssie                            Tenacity                   Flint, MI

Silver       Cernunnos                                 Rockford                   Rockford, MI

Bronze     Icelandic Wee Heavy            Einstok                      Iceland

Category 15-Irish-21 Entries

Gold         Faricy’s                                       Arbor                         Ypsilanti, MI

Silver       8 Out of 10 Aint Bad               Odd Side                  Grand Haven, MI

Bronze     Crooked Quaker                      Lumber Barons       Bay City, MI

Category 16-Dark British-27 Entries

Gold         Putin It to You                           Parker’s Hilltop      Clarkson, MI

Silver       Imperial Stout                          American Harvest, Plymouth, MI

Bronze     Sea Kitty, Meow                     Witch’s Hat             S. Lyon, MI

Category 17-Strong British-22 Entries

Gold         Third Coast Old Ale                 Bell’s                          Comstock, MI

Silver       Cereal Killer                               Arcadia                     Kalamazoo, MI

Bronze     Wee Heavy                               Tri City                       Bay City, MI


Category 18-American Blonde-18 Entries

Gold         Oval Beach                                Saugatuck               Douglas, MI

Silver       Gold                                             Perrin                         Comstock Park, MI

Bronze     Carriage House                        Rockford                   Rockford, MI

Category 18-American Pale-28 Entries

Gold         By the Mayor’s Request       Lumber Barons       Bay City, MI

Silver       IPA                                               Rochester Mills      Auburn Hills, MI

Bronze     Explorer                                      Alaskan                    Juneau,   AK

Category 19-American Amber/Brown-44 Entries

Gold         Dune Rail                                    Big Hart                     Hart, MI

Silver       Lyon Pride                                  Third Monk             S. Lyon, MI

Bronze     Red                                               Rochester Mills      Auburn Hills, MI

Category 20-American Porter and Stout-30 Entries

Gold         Pirates Porter                            Parker’s Hilltop      Clarkson, MI

Silver       Rockporter                                 Austin Brothers      Alpena, MI

Bronze     Crooked Quaker                      Lumber Barons       Bay City, MI

Category 20-Imperial Stout-22 Entries

Gold         Imperial Stout                          Oracle                       Saginaw, MI

Silver       Double Oatmeal                      Austin Brothers      Alpena, MI

Bronze     Silver Jack Driscoll                   Midland                    Midland, MI

Category 21-IPA-54 Entries

Gold         Anti Hero                                    Revolution               Chicago, IL

Silver       Juicy Ass                                       Flying Monkeys    Canada

Bronze     By the Mayor’s Request       Lumber Barons        Bay City, MI


Category 21-Specialty IPA-34 Entries

Gold         Backyard                                    Saugatuck               Douglas, MI

Silver       12 Mile                                       Cameron’s               Canada

Bronze     Netherworld                              Flying Monkeys    Canada

Category 22-Strong American-35 Entries

Gold         Third Coast Old Ale                 Bell’s                          Comstock, MI

Silver       Big Doedish                               Witch’s Hat             S. Lyon, MI

Bronze     Bittersweet Symphony         Mountain Town     Mt. Pleasant, MI

Category 23-European Sour-9 Entries

Gold         Sour Trooper                             Griffin Claw              Birmingham, MI

Silver       Liliana Maria                             Rockford                   Rockford, MI

Bronze     Raspberry Uber                        Nickel Brook            Canada

Category 24-Belgian-14 Entries

Gold         Bellingham                                Third Monk             S. Lyon, MI

Silver       Wenona Wit                             Tri City                       Bay City, MI

Bronze     Belgian White                           Blue Moon               Golden, CO

Category 25-Strong Belgian-18 Entries

Gold         Demon Cleaner                        Witch’s Hat             S. Lyon, MI

Silver       Biere De Garde                         Axle                            Ferndale, MI

Bronze     Bellingham                                Third Monk             S. Lyon, MI

Category 26-Trappist-19 Entries

Gold         Montressor                               Tri City                       Bay City, MI

Silver       Mr. Sinister                               Tri City                       Bay City, MI

Bronze     Naked Sunday                         Liberty Street          Plymouth, MI


Category 27-Historical-13 Entries

Gold         Duplicitous                                 Nickel Brook            Canada

Silver       Gose-uhh                                   Oracle                       Saginaw, MI

Bronze     Gose                                            Oracle                       Saginaw, MI

Category 28-American Wild-11 Entries

Gold         Framboozled                            Arbor                         Ypsilanti, MI

Silver       Tarte Rouge                              Odd Side                  Grand Haven, MI

Bronze     GP Brett IPA                              Atwater in the Park, Grosse Point, MI

Category 29-Fruit Beer-42 Entries

Gold         Black Currant Gose                 Perrin                         Comstock Park, MI

Silver       Strawberry Fruitsicle              Odd Side                  Grand Haven, MI

Bronze     Luau                                             Terrapin                    Atlanta, GA

Category 30-Spiced-40 Entries

Gold         Mayan Mocha Stout             Odd Side                  Grand Haven, MI

Silver       Maple Oatmeal Stout           Maple Grille            Hemlock, MI

Bronze     Rhubarb Radler                        Rockford                   Rockford, MI

Category 31-Alternative Fermntables-6 Entries

Gold         Screeching Sands                    Big Hart                     Hart, MI

Silver       Pollination Station                   Arbor                         Ypsilanti, MI

Bronze     Honey Wheat                           Blue Moon               Denver, CO

Category 32-Smoked Beer-2 Entries

Gold         Raucher                                      Wolverine State    Ann Arbor, MI

Silver       Smokey the Bear                     American Harvest, Livonia, MI

Bronze     Not Awarded


Category 33-Wood-39 Entries

Gold         Bourbon Imperial PumpkinGriffin Claw               Birmingham, MI

Silver       BA Cherry Stout                       Bell’s                          Comstock, MI

Bronze     BA Expedition Stout                Bell’s                          Comstock, MI

Category 34-Specialty-27 Entries

Gold         Live Transmission                      Flying Monkeys    Canada

Silver       Barista                                         Wolverine State    Ann Arbor, MI

Bronze     Decadent                                   Atwater                    Detroit, MI

Category 35-Cider-14 Entries

Gold         Melded                                       Uncle John’s            St Johns, MI

Silver       Heirloom                                    Arbor                         Ypsilanti, MI

Bronze     Apple Cherry                             Uncle John’s            St. Johns, MI

Category 36-Specialty Cider-14 Entries

Gold         Jackpot !                                   Superior Lakes       Harrison Twp, MI

Silver       Coffee Cider                              Cellarmen’s             Hazel Park, MI

Bronze     Peach Country                          Cider Boys                Stevens Point, WI

Category 37-Mead-16 Entries              

Gold         Love Always                             Witch’s Hat             S. Lyon, MI

Silver       Wild Ginger                               St. Ambrose            Beulah, MI

Bronze     Blueberry Melody                   Superior Lakes       Harrison Twp, MI

Category 41-Malternative-3 Entries

Gold         Grapefruit Shandy                  Leinenkugel            Chippewa Falls, WI

Silver       Summer Shandy                     Leinenkugel            Chippewa Falls, WI

Bronze     Peach Shandy                          Leinenkugel            Chippewa Falls, WI 

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